Design Is Everywhere: Surprising Ways You Encounter Design Every Day

Updated: Jun 30

Have you ever wondered about being a bird and flying? Yes, you did. Me too. We all have some personal desires about what we are going to do when we will be able to fly.

But, the most common that I believe is to watch this world from the skies. The Plants, The rivers, mountains, the new era constructions, the roads, canals, fields, like everything here on the land. Why do you think that we want to see all this? Well, I think is to watch the symmetry, to watch the beautiful way that nature has designed itself, to watch the uniformity of everything, to watch the simplicity and to find a different perception, keeping our old ones intact with it.

Have you ever wondered, why nature has made all of its components uniform and simple and beautiful?

Have you ever wondered that why we never get bored for the beauty which lies in the nature, the way our whole universe is designed?

Have you ever wondered why we never get bored from our plants, our mountains, our rivers, our birds, our animals, our forests?

I think we all know the reason somewhere inside and I want that we all think about it being a little practical. Because, all of it is really simple and fulfilling and it satisfies our eyes.

Moving further with another example, let’s go in history, there were thousands of kingdoms, all having their separate identity, all having their own flag designed uniquely, their own emblem. All these things were designed in a way that made a kingdom unique and all of them can be recognized by these designs.

By this argument we can conclude that, this was the starting of branding or say unique brand designs and then we graphic designers come in picture. So, brand designing is not a new concept, it is there by the start of the time.

What makes any brand memorable or say immortal? There are a lot of features of them but one and most important of that is the design, their logo most importantly.

If we consider some examples, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Nike, Disney. What is common is them? Well, they all are really simple, there is nothing extra-ordinarily complicated in them and this is what that makes them unique and forever. One more very important thing come into picture with this, which is the “Trust” of the customer. Simplicity tends to gain more trust rather than complexity.

If we ask any layman a question that what do you look forward in any brand and their designs? Well, the answer will be Simplicity, consistency, the way they relate to the masses.

So, all the businesses these days have to face a tremendous amount of competition in the market and they have to stand out and stand bright to be ahead of the competition. And for this they are going to need a really good brand design, which again I will say that should be Neat, simple and relatable.

Like a famous saying, “if nothing works, go back to basics.”

I hope I was able to bring you in the end of this article with me also providing some insights about graphic designing, So I wish you all the best and please keep designing and making things beautiful.

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